Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just a quick little note...

Hey guys,

I'm going on vacation to England tomorrow, without a computer :'( , so I won't be able to post. I get back on Saturday then I'm going to visit family on the other side of the country on the 14th for a week so you won't be getting many chapters for the next three weeks.
I hope you are all enjoying the story! Thank you so much for reading it and thank you the support, I know my writing isn't the best but give me a chance - I'm still at school! My writing skills will improve in time (hopefully) and that should make the story more interesting to read.
I'm looking forward to writing the next couple of chapters (when I get back) , for once I actually know what's going to happen before I write it! All I'm going to say is that it's going to be a big surprise... or will it? :-D
And once again, thank you so much for making time out of your busy lives to come read this! You really don't know how grateful I am!

Love Melodie